Studio Stories Weekly Podcast – This Week with Darrius Strong

Stories are among our most potent tools. We need to unearth old stories that live in a place and begin to create new ones. We are story makers, not just storytellers. All stories are connected, new ones woven from the threads of the old. – Robin Wall Kimmerer, paraphrased

Join ARENA DANCES for our NEW season of Studio Stories, a podcast reminiscing on Twin Cities dance history. Commencing this week, we sat down with Darrius Strong to learn about his journey. 

Darrius Strong is a Twin Cities based dancer, choreographer, and instructor. His dance company, STRONGmovement uses the universal language of dance, blending styles such as hip hop, ballet, modern, and West African to tell stories related to society and humanity. Strong is a graduate of University of Minnesota (BFA 2015) and is currently faculty at University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Macalester College, St. Paul Conservatory Performing Arts High School and the TU Dance Center where he focuses on teaching dancers how to connect their identity to movement.

Studio Stories will air each Thursday at noon with new guests joining the host to reminisce and share their memories and history with our dance scene. 

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