Woman leaping with Chicago skyline in background

Janet Skidmore | Photographer: Adrienne Traismann

Dancer on releve with leg extended to the side and a pianist playing music

Kinetic Evolutions | Dancer: Amy Trayers, Pianist: Butch Thompson | Photographer: Pat O'Loughlin

Dancer holding onto driftwood on the shore of a lake

Sharon Mansur | ...in the space between, 2018 | Videography by BodyCartography

Young dancer in colorful skirt

TU Dance Center | Photographer: Laura Scher

One dancer in a studio, wearing orange loose-fitting pants

Erin Thompson | Photographer: Randy Karels

Three dancers in a room with a grid of shadows

Jennifer Glaws' Jagged Moves, Reflection House | Mirabai Miller, Halie Bahr, Kelsey Charlotte | Photographer: V. Paul V.

Four dancers in teal dresses looking over their shoulders

Katha Dance Theatre | Photographer: Erik Saulitis

Dancer en point near a train station, dressed like a train conductor

DanceCo, Expectation Station | Photographer: Stan Waldhauser

One dancer in a hand woven blanket among an audience

Rosy Simas Danse, Skin(s) | Lela Pierce at Indiginous Choreographers at UC Riverside

One dancer leaning back with one leg lifted toward a giant step

Julie Marie Muskat | Photographer: Jeffrey Lewis

One dancer on stage, looking up

Kayla Schiltgen Dance | Dancer: Kayla Schiltgen | Photographer: Bill Cameron

Five young dancers en pointe

Fergus Falls School of Dance | Abby Strege, Sophia Pawlowski, Sloanne Petersen, Caroline Stumbo, Birgitta Nycklemoe | Photographer: Kirsten Danielson

A group of dancers suspended mid-air

Mathew Janczewski’s ARENA Dances | Photo courtesy of Armour Photography

A group of dancers radiating out from the center of their clump

Threads Dance Company | Photographer: Bill Cameron

One dancer balanced on one leg and leaning away from an extended leg

Jenn Pray | Photographer: Bill Cameron

Six belly dancers on stage, positioned in pairs

Jawaahir Dance Company | Photographer: Bill Cameron

Dancer on releve leaning to the left, left leg in passe. Her right arm is extended toward the sky and left hand is reaching on the upward left diagonal

Non Edwards | Photographer: V. Paul Virtucio

Two dancers on opposit ladders engage while dancers below look on

Virginia Twins, at Ladders, Inc | Connor Rohwer, Mairead Koehler, Sasha Blinnikova, Emma Halper, Ellis Johnston and Hunter Brown | Hettie Stern Photography

Three dancers in a room with a grid of shadows

Jennifer Glaws' Jagged Moves, Reflection House | Mirabai Miller, Halie Bahr, Kelsey Charlotte | Photographer: V. Paul V.

Two dancers standing, gesturing one arm across the chest and the other arm across the face

Analog Dance Works | Photographer: Bill Cameron

Freckles on arms with rocks in the creases

Artist represented: Blake Nellis | Photographer: Blake Nellis

Group of young dancers, arms outstretched

TU Dance Center | Photographer: Laura Scher

Dancers in Bharatanatyam dress drawing in salt

Ragamala Dance Company in Sacred Earth | Photographer: Grant Halverson

A dancer in aerial silks while a group watches

Center for Performing Arts | Photo courtesy of Sandbox Theatre

Two dancers in baggy suits with helmets on

Skewed Visions, Birds of the Future, 2019 | Megan Mayer and Erika Hansen | Photographer: Tim Heitman

A group of dancers jumping and smiling

Rhythmically Speaking, 2019 | Choreographer: Erinn Liebhard | Dancers: Kathleen Pender, Nora Anderson, Betsy Schaefer Roob, Doug Hooker, Sara Karimi | Photographer: Bill Cameron

One person on a plateau, dancing against a dark blue sky

Artist represented: Erin Drummond | Photographer: Sheryl Hess

Two dancers with left arm over head and looking up

Rosy Simas Danse, Weave, 2019 | Zoë Klein and Valerie Oliveiro at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts | Photo by Lila Hurwitz/Doolittle Bird

Studio with wooden floors, windows, and a mirrored wall

Center for Performing Arts

Several dancers in various positions in an open studio

Contact Improvisation Twin Cities (CITC) | Photographer: Blake Nellis

Three dancers in traditional Anatolian garb with ornamental Turkish spoons

Dans Askina Turkish Dance Ensemble in Silifke (Turkish Spoon) Dance | Wendy Famodu, Benjamin Lamb, Patricia Cumbie | Photographer: Kristina Jager

Young Dancers at the barre in ballet class

Allegro School of Dance and Music | Jim Jarvise Photography

Dancer in bowler hat and tuxedo shorts

Performer/Choreographer: Penelope Freeh | Photographer: Kylene Stephens

Dancer in arm balance

Dancer: Meredith Butulis | Photographer: Steve Lucas

A group of dancers on a stage. Two dancers huddled together, several dancers holding hands

Gustavus Adolphus College Department of Theatre & Dance | Choreographer: Natosha Washington | Photographer: Timothy Knox

Dancer Jumping with projection in background

Off-Leash Area | Dancer: Jennifer Ilse | Photographer: Bill Cameron

Woman gesturing and blowing up a balloon

Paula Mann

Dancer with arms outstretched wearing a hat of wire and small lights

Skewed Visions, Birds of the Future, 2019 | Photo: Tim Heitman | Dancer: Erika Hansen | Costumes: Charles Campbell | Set Design: Jess Kiel-Wornson

Yuki Tokuda, a Japanese woman, stands en pointe in an ornate foyer

Yuki Tokuda | Photographer: Ashley DeWeerdt

Yuki, a Japanese woman, is dressed in a Japanese robe and pointe shoes. She curves her body to the right

Yuki Tokuda | Photographer: Stephanie Colgan

A group of dancers on a stage with several household items suspended above them

Ananya Dance Theatre | Photographer: V. Paul Virtucio

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