Dance Projects by ME Homepage 1

Dance Projects by ME, Migration Stories 2023 | Photographer Bill Cameron

Five young dancers en pointe

Fergus Falls School of Dance | Abby Strege, Sophia Pawlowski, Sloanne Petersen, Caroline Stumbo, Birgitta Nycklemoe | Photographer: Kirsten Danielson

Zenon Dance School Homepage 2

Zenon Dance School | “W/hole,” Choreography by Ruby Josephine Smith | Zenon Zone Showcase, Fall 2022 | Jayme Halbritter Photography

Villainy Homepage Image 1

Villainy Alternative Dance Studio | Persephone MacIntyre, Tracy Connor, Jac Fatale

A group of dancers on a stage with several household items suspended above them

Ananya Dance Theatre | Photographer: V. Paul Virtucio

Dancer holding onto driftwood on the shore of a lake

Sharon Mansur | the space between, 2018 | Videography by BodyCartography

One dancer balanced on one leg and leaning away from an extended leg

Jenn Pray | Photographer: Bill Cameron


Habitat, Choreographed by Non Edwards | Dancers: Tori Casagranda, Arwen Wilder, Gemma Isaacson | Photographer: Bill Cameron

TCB Homepage Image

Twin Cities Ballet | Pink Floyd's The Wall: A Rock Ballet | Brianne Bland Photography

Group of young dancers, arms outstretched

TU Dance Center | Photographer: Laura Scher

A dancer in aerial silks while a group watches

Center for Performing Arts | Photo courtesy of Sandbox Theatre

A group of dancers on a stage. Two dancers huddled together, several dancers holding hands

Gustavus Adolphus College Department of Theatre & Dance | Choreographer: Natosha Washington | Photographer: Timothy Knox

One dancer in a studio, wearing orange loose-fitting pants

Erin Thompson | Photographer: Randy Karels

Two dancers in baggy suits with helmets on

Skewed Visions, Birds of the Future, 2019 | Megan Mayer and Erika Hansen | Photographer: Tim Heitman

Julie Warder Homepage 2

Julie Warder | "Always There," 2005

Dancers in Bharatanatyam dress drawing in salt

Ragamala Dance Company in Sacred Earth | Photographer: Grant Halverson

A group of dancers jumping and smiling

Rhythmically Speaking, 2019 | Choreographer: Erinn Liebhard | Dancers: Kathleen Pender, Nora Anderson, Betsy Schaefer Roob, Doug Hooker, Sara Karimi | Photographer: Bill Cameron

eMartin Dance Homepage 1

eMartinDance, build/capture 1823-2019 | Dancers: Sophia Diehl, Zoë Koenig | Photographer: Nancy Julia Hicks

Black Label Homepage Image 1

Black Label Movement's Canary, Crimson then Emerald | Choreographer: Carl Flink | Dancers: Elliana Vesely & Company | Photographer: Bill Cameron

Zenon Dance School Homepage 1

Zenon Dance School | Photo by Jayme Halbritter Photography

One dancer leaning back with one leg lifted toward a giant step

Julie Marie Muskat | Photographer: Jeffrey Lewis

Four dancers in teal dresses looking over their shoulders

Katha Dance Theatre | Photographer: Erik Saulitis


Non Edwards | Choreographer/Photographer: Katie Brennan

Alys Ayumi Ogura Homepage Image 1

Alys Ayumi Ogura | Photographer: Bill Cameron | "When You Have Only... When You Need to Remember Where...” 9 x 22 Dance Lab, curated by Laurie Van Wieren, Bryant Lake Bowl.

Dance Projects by ME Homepage 2

Dance Projects by ME, Migration Stories 2023 | Photographer Bill Cameron

Dancer in arm balance

Dancer: Meredith Butulis | Photographer: Steve Lucas

One dancer in a hand woven blanket among an audience

Rosy Simas Danse, Skin(s) | Lela Pierce at Indiginous Choreographers at UC Riverside

Hannah MM Homepage Image 1

Hannah MacKenzie-Margulies, "You are the only one in this Hangout" | Photographer: Gabi Rosenthal | Dancers: Addie Smith, Helen Hatch, Annie Carlson

Two dancers on opposit ladders engage while dancers below look on

Virginia Twins, at Ladders, Inc | Connor Rohwer, Mairead Koehler, Sasha Blinnikova, Emma Halper, Ellis Johnston and Hunter Brown | Hettie Stern Photography

Studio with wooden floors, windows, and a mirrored wall

Center for Performing Arts

Dancer on releve with leg extended to the side and a pianist playing music

Kinetic Evolutions | Dancer: Amy Trayers, Pianist: Butch Thompson | Photographer: Pat O'Loughlin

Three dancers toss their limbs in a tight group in the midst of a large, arched indoor space

ARENA DANCES' Erased Steps | Photo courtesy of Armour Photography | Dancers: Dustin Haug, Leslie O'Neill and Laura Selle Virtucio

Two dancers standing, gesturing one arm across the chest and the other arm across the face

Analog Dance Works | Photographer: Bill Cameron

Erin Thompson Homepage Image 2

Erin Thompson | Photographer: Caitlin Hammel

One dancer on stage, looking up

Kayla Schiltgen Dance | Dancer: Kayla Schiltgen | Photographer: Bill Cameron

Dancer with arms outstretched wearing a hat of wire and small lights

Skewed Visions, Birds of the Future, 2019 | Photo: Tim Heitman | Dancer: Erika Hansen | Costumes: Charles Campbell | Set Design: Jess Kiel-Wornson

Dancer en point near a train station, dressed like a train conductor

DanceCo, Expectation Station | Photographer: Stan Waldhauser

Tracy Connor Homepage Image 1

Tracy Connor

Black Label Movement Homepage Image 2

Black Label Movement's Canary, Crimson then Emerald | Choreographer: Carl Flink | Dancers: Javan MnGrezzo, Jake Nehrbass and Sarah McCullough | Photographer: Bill Cameron

A group of dancers suspended mid-air

Mathew Janczewski’s ARENA Dances | Photo courtesy of Armour Photography

Judith Mirus in Choreogram

Judith Mirus in Choreogram

Young Dancers at the barre in ballet class

Allegro School of Dance and Music | Jim Jarvise Photography

One person on a plateau, dancing against a dark blue sky

Artist represented: Erin Drummond | Photographer: Sheryl Hess

AlysYumiAyumiOgura Homepage Image 2

Alys Ayumi Ogura | Photographer: Caroline Yang | “Never Underestimate a Short Asian Woman with an Accent” Naked Stages 2021, Pillsbury House Theatre

Two dancers with left arm over head and looking up

Rosy Simas Danse, Weave, 2019 | Zoë Klein and Valerie Oliveiro at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts | Photo by Lila Hurwitz/Doolittle Bird

Villainy Homepage Image 2

Villainy Alternative Dance Studio | Thea Moon, Tracy Connor, Persephone MacIntyre

Dancer Jumping with projection in background

Off-Leash Area | Dancer: Jennifer Ilse | Photographer: Bill Cameron

Dancer in bowler hat and tuxedo shorts

Performer/Choreographer: Penelope Freeh | Photographer: Kylene Stephens

Young dancer in colorful skirt

TU Dance Center | Photographer: Laura Scher

Six belly dancers on stage, positioned in pairs

Jawaahir Dance Company | Photographer: Bill Cameron

Kinetic Evolutions Homepage Resized

Kinetic Evolutions | Dancers L to R: Catlin Murphy, Hai Dang Nguyen, Samantha Heggem, John Surber | Photographer: Stan Waldhauser

Several dancers in various positions in an open studio

Contact Improvisation Twin Cities (CITC) | Photographer: Blake Nellis

Woman leaping with Chicago skyline in background

Janet Skidmore | Photographer: Adrienne Traismann

Hannah MM Homepage Image 2

Sean Krazit and Hannah MacKenzie-Margulies | Photographer: Jessica Keener

Tracy Connor Image 2

Tracy Connor

Yuki Tokuda, a Japanese woman, stands en pointe in an ornate foyer

Yuki Tokuda | Photographer: Ashley DeWeerdt

Three dancers in a room with a grid of shadows

Jennifer Glaws' Jagged Moves, Reflection House | Mirabai Miller, Halie Bahr, Kelsey Charlotte | Photographer: V. Paul V.

Yuki, a Japanese woman, is dressed in a Japanese robe and pointe shoes. She curves her body to the right

Yuki Tokuda | Photographer: Stephanie Colgan

Woman gesturing and blowing up a balloon

Paula Mann

A group of dancers radiating out from the center of their clump

Threads Dance Company | Photographer: Bill Cameron

Marciano Homepage Image

Marciano Silva dos Santos | Photographer: V. Paul Virtucio

TC Folk Dance Village

Twin Cities Folk Dance Village | Hello May 2023 | Photographer: Jerilyn Schultz

Three dancers in a room with a grid of shadows

Jennifer Glaws' Jagged Moves, Reflection House | Mirabai Miller, Halie Bahr, Kelsey Charlotte | Photographer: V. Paul V.

Three dancers in traditional Anatolian garb with ornamental Turkish spoons

Dans Askina Turkish Dance Ensemble in Silifke (Turkish Spoon) Dance | Wendy Famodu, Benjamin Lamb, Patricia Cumbie | Photographer: Kristina Jager

Linda Osborne Margret Dietz Homepage Image

Linda Osborne, Margret Dietz in Choreogram

Julie Warder Homepage Image 1

Julie Warder and Aneka McMullen | "U Don't C Me" | Photographer: Jim Smith

Freckles on arms with rocks in the creases

Artist represented: Blake Nellis | Photographer: Blake Nellis

eMartin Dance Homepage 2

Erika Martin in Skating Edge, 2021 | Choreographer: Brita Joy Peterson | Photographer: Joshua W. Martin

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