Staging Dances for Visual Impact - December 29

Thursday, December 29 from 6:30-9:30pm
with Cassandra Shore

As Artistic Director and Choreographer of Jawaahir Dance Company, (and in ad hoc performing groups before that) I staged hundreds of dances for the public – from solos, duets, and trios to group numbers with 18 dancers. Aside from loving the experience, I gained a lifetime of insight into how to place dancers onstage for maximum visual impact – using staging as another voice with which to speak to an audience.

As a professional Raqs Sharqi soloist, I performed thousands of shows in every imaginable venue, acquiring knowledge of successfully performing in spaces for the public that can only be earned through experience. Where in space, when in time, what directional focus and dynamic quality you choose to use to perform a movement or series of movements, all of those impact how your dance is perceived and received by audiences.

I have made a lifetime study of crafting dances and would like to share these insights with YOU. Whether you are a soloist, troupe member, director/choreographer, or a dancer looking to broaden your outlook, my upcoming class will be FUN and informative. This will be a movement and interactive class, so be prepared to dance! We’ll do directed experiments with spacing, timing, and placement ideas for both soloists and groups. No props needed!

Location Info

Anda Flamenco
2637 27th Ave So
Second Floor Tower
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Cassandra Shore