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At the Ragamala Training Center, students receive classical training in the dynamic style of Bharatanatyam passed down to us by the internationally renowned dancer/choreographer Padma Bhushan Alarmél Valli, considered to be one of India’s greatest living masters. Open to students of all ages, backgrounds, and locations, Ragamala classes give students an opportunity to learn about and immerse themselves in the arts and culture of India, and to connect with a community of passionate, hard-working individuals.

Introductory Class
Saturdays, 3:00-4:00pm – online via Zoom link
Instructor: Sri Guntipally
Classes run October 2021-May 2022.
You can view the full calendar here:

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Full year tuition = $800
Paid in installments = $450 Fall Semester and $450 Spring Semester.
We also offer discounts for families enrolling more than one student.

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The Ragamala Training Center welcomes students with prior experience in Bharatanatyam to audition for upper level classes. Please contact us at before registering for classes beyond the introductory level.

Location Info

Ragamala Dance Company
3754 Pleasant Ave S, #405
Minneapolis, MN 55409

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Sasha Blinnikova