McKnight Fellowships for Dancer and Choreographers Applications Are Open

The McKnight Fellowships for Choreographers and Dancers annually awards three $25,000 fellowships to Minnesota choreographers and three $25,000 fellowships to Minnesota dancers. The program supports fellows through additional career and artistic development, including solo commissions, a fellows’ retreat, and other programs.

The application website is now open and accepting submissions. The deadline to apply for a fellowship is March 30, 2022 at 3:00 PM CST. Please plan to submit your application early.

For full guidelines and information on how to apply go to: Program staff is working remotely at this time. To reach us with questions, contact us at

We are also available to consult with you via phone (by appointment) or email – but all phone and email consultations must be prior to March 19th.

To get the most out of your appointment come prepared with whatever materials you would like to have reviewed – artist narrative, resume, work samples. The materials can still be in draft form. Work samples can be viewed on your computer or on ours via a link. Know which materials are most important for you to have reviewed and we will start there.

Location Info

Colin Edwards
528 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Contact Info

Colin Edwards
Deadline: January 1, 1970