Invite the Moon to Dance - October 15 to October 15

On October 15 CAAM CDT launches its 30th anniversary season with a brand new production at the O’Shaughnessy celebrating Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Invite the Moon to Dance – a live in-person event of CAAM Chinese Dance Theater – invites not only our Chinese dance community to ‘dance with the moon,’ but also many more amazing local artists! To share this auspicious performance, CAAM CDT has invited world-reknown pipa artist Gao Hong and her Chinese instrument orchestra, Katha Dance Theater and their professional company, as well as select dancers from St. Paul Ballet, featuring choreography of Helen Hatch.

With original choreography of Jinyu Zhou, CAAM CDT’s Artistic Director, set on CAAM CDT’s dancers, and featuring solo performances by Ao (Aloe) Liu, a choreographer/dancer for Walker Art Center’s 2022 Choreographers’ Evening. After performing professionally as a soloist for 8 years in Yang Liping Dance Company, (also known as the “Peacock Queen” in China, Ao Liu continued to perform and choreograph professionally in China until she joined CAAM Chinese Dance Theater in 2022.

Tickets are now on sale! $5-25 on the O’Shaughnessy’s website.

Location Info

The O'Shaughnessy
2004 Randolph Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105

Contact Info

Beatrice Rothweiler