Ananya Dance Theatre’s Shawngram Institute Ongoing Classes

Find rhythm, groundedness, and flow with dance classes at Ananya Dance Theatre’s Shawngram Institute for Performance & Social Justice.

Fridays: Advanced Yorchhā, 6:00-7:00pm, CT – Kealoha Ferreira
Sundays: Intro to Yorchhā, 3:00-4:00pm, CT – Parisha Rajbhandari

Class Descriptions

Intro to Yorchhā: Envision justice through rhythmic footwork, flowing torso, and sustained breath in Intro to Yorchhā. Each class begins with a warm-up followed by foundational Yorchhā exercises and a fun choreographed phrase.

Advanced Yorchhā: Dive into the nuance and complexity of Yorchhā. Advanced Yorchhā is designed to challenge and hone experienced movers through strength training, technique refinement, and intricate choreography. Previous Yorchhā experience is encouraged.

Yorchhā is Ananya Dance Theatre’s trade-marked contemporary technique that intersects principles of vinyasa yoga, classical Indian dance form Odishi (from the eastern Indian state of Odisha) and martial art form Chhau (also from Odisha).

Students attending in-person classes must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination and must wear face masks during class. No exceptions.

Location Info

Shawngram Institute for Performance & Social Justice
1197 University Avenue West
St. Paul, MN 55104


Contact Info

Kealoha Ferreira