Ananya Dance Theatre: Dastak – The Film - October 8

Premieres Friday, October 8 at 7:30pm CT
Available on-demand through October 15, 2021

Select your own price to view this event ($0-$50). Please note: ticket revenue from this film screening will be shared with the artists.

This dance film of Ananya Dance Theatre’s work, Dastak, the Farsi word for “knockings,” traces the knockings of global injustices on our hearts in four short sections: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

Each section is a meditation on stories of borders, boundaries, loss, belonging, home and liberation, and echoes the subtitle created by writer Sharon Brigforth – I Wish You Me – indicating the cross-generational love that has carried communities through difficult migrations.

Filmmaker Darren Johnson captures these elemental journeys against the varied landscape of MniSota Makoce, ranging from post-Uprising scorched ruins in Minneapolis to tall prairie grasslands of Battle Creek Park, as the dancers pay tribute to the layered history of this land.

Choreographed by Ananya Chatterjea and performed by the artists of Ananya Dance Theatre, this dance film also features the work of a powerful team of collaborators, notably writer and dramaturg Sharon Bridgforth and sound artists Spirit McIntyre and Dameun Strange.

This event will be captioned, with other accessibility services available upon request.

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84 Church St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


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