The Language of the Arms: Feldenkrais Series with Sarah Baumert - February 28 to May 8

The Language of the Arms: 10-week Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Series with Sarah Baumert.

February 28-May 8
Wednesdays, 6:30pm CST

Sundays, 4:00pm CST
Live classes will be taught on zoom.
All lessons are recorded. Registering for the series gives you access to the recorded lessons indefinitely.
Price: $200. Scholarships and pay-as-able options available

From Holding on to Letting Go – A Shoulder and Arm Release Through Awareness
In the next Feldenkrais series offering, we explore the hidden potential within the upper body. We will delve into the intricate symphony of the small joints, from nimble fingers to powerful shoulder blades. Discover how your arms weave into the fabric of your entire being, from your core to your feet. Imagine feeling your spine lengthen as you reach, your chest open as you move, and your whole body becomes one fluid instrument. When practicing Feldenkrais, we hold the concept that when one avoids pain, it helps us decrease unnecessary tension and helps us find new ways to move and connect with the wholeness of ourselves. Reeducate and rediscover the effortless movement in your arms and beyond.

Microcosm: An exploration of the articulation and functional coordination of the smaller joints – fingers, wrists, elbows.

Macrocosm: Expand outwards, discovering how your arms integrate with the whole self. Feel the way your spine, ribs, and even your legs and feet contribute to the harmony of movement.

Connecting the Dots: No Feldenkrais lesson is complete without an integration of the whole self. While there will be a focus on the upper extremities, these will be whole-body lessons.

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