The Arena – Drop-in Contemporary with Sarah McCullough

Contemporary Forms with Sarah McCullough
Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30pm
$0-17. Pre-register here!

Suggested $17 per class, but ARENA DANCES offers a pay-as-able option on all classes. We would rather you join us than not be able to attend due to financial limitations.

Sarah is interested in sensory exploration, movement as meditative practice, and better understanding the body’s instinctual knowledge. This class will center physical sensation and individual vigor. Improvisation and set phrase work will be used to engage the senses and harness athleticism with a focus on curiosity and aliveness.

Sarah McCullough (she/her) is a Minneapolis-based movement artist and educator. Originally from Virginia, she earned her BA in Dance and Mathematics from James Madison University. Since moving to Minnesota in 2018, she has performed with Black Label Movement, ARENA DANCES, Alexandra Bodnarchuk, HoneyWorks, Hatch Dance, and more. As an educator, she has been invited to offer classes at the Limon/Black Label Twin Cities Intensive, ARENA DANCES’ Instinct Intensive, The University of Winchester (UK), North Carolina State University, as well as several high school dance programs throughout the Twin Cities. Sarah seeks out physically rigorous and deeply authentic dance experiences through performance, creation, and education.

Photo courtesy of Bill Cameron.

Location Info

The Arena
711 W. Lake Street
Studio 308
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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