The Arena – Contemporary Flow with Mathew Janczewski

Fridays: Contemporary Flow with Mathew Janczewski
10:00-11:30am at The Arena, through November 18.
Pre-register here!
Drop-in rate is $17 with flexible pricing. Free parking on side streets: Aldrich, Bryant, Colfax, 31st, etc.

Class focuses on opening up curiosity and finding internal pathways within the body and the contrast of those same pathways. An assortment of texture, speed, density, length, force and resistance will be taught to open these skills.

Mathew’s work as Artistic Director of ARENA DANCES is best described as contemporary, spanning an array of styles – from quietly evocative to physically demanding, full of spiraling momentum that draws energy into the core and spreads it out like disco ball beams of light. At times, movement focuses on the dancers’ bends and folds, creating shape as one shifts and moves, forging moments of connection.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Warkov

Location Info

The Arena
711 W. Lake Street
Studio 308
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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Mathew Janczewski