Studio Stories: Reminiscing on Twin Cities Dance with Pam Gleason

Stories are among our most potent tools. We need to unearth old stories that live in a place and begin to create new ones. We are story makers, not just storytellers. All stories are connected, new ones woven from the threads of the old. – Robin Wall Kimmerer, paraphrased

Join ARENA DANCES for our weekly Studio Stories Podcast, where each week we reminisce on Twin Cities dance history with a new special guest. This week, we learn of Pam Gleason’s journey.

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Pam has been creating, teaching and performing dance for over 40 years. She was involved with the Nancy Hauser Dance Company/Hauser Dance from the mid-1980s through 2011 as an apprentice, company member, teacher and choreographer, along with freelancing in the community. As director of MotionArt (co-founded in 2013 with Diane Moncrieff), she is dedicated to providing opportunities for people – no matter their age or ability – to move, express, learn, create and find community in dance – whether through the Ageless Dance class she initiated with Heidi Hauser Jasmin twenty years ago, or through other adult and children’s classes, monthly improvisation gatherings, somatic workshops and performances.

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