Studio Stories interviews E.E. Balcos this Thursday

Stories are among our most potent tools. We need to unearth old stories that live in a place and begin to create new ones. We are story makers, not just storytellers. All stories are connected, new ones woven from the threads of the old.  – Robin Wall Kimmerer, paraphrased

Join ARENA DANCES for our weekly Studio Stories Podcast, where each week we reminisce on Twin Cities dance history with a new special guest. This week, we sat down with E.E. Balcos to learn about his journey. 

E.E. Balcos is a  Filipino-American and is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He began formal training with modern dance pioneer Hanya Holm while also engaging in the practice of contact improvisation. A successful performer and choreographer for over 35 years, he danced with numerous independent Minneapolis choreographers, as well as works by numerous nationally recognized choreographers and dance artists. E.E. was the Artistic Director and choreographer for his company E.E.MOTION from 2007-2013. This year (2021), he will be performing a new solo, Tales from the Wizard, choreographed by Bill Evans. His current endeavors apply somatic approaches to choreography, dance performance, interdisciplinary collaborations, physical resilience, and teaching.

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