Spring to it and Make Your Donation to DanceMN this May!

Greetings Dance Community:

Happy Spring! In this season of flowering, we invite a moment of reflection, allowing our seeds to take root and foster new growth. It is always a time for gratitude, and we thank you for your connection and commitment toward helping DanceMN continue to flourish.

DanceMN: All are connected to dance in Minnesota

In fulfilling its purpose of connecting all in Minnesota to dance, DanceMN asks for your help. Our slow and steady work bears fruit, but only with the help of individuals like you, who heartfully contribute. Consider giving a gift today.

Your dollars will help us sustain our recent accomplishment of hiring an additional part-time staffer. We are also in the process of identifying how to sustainably keep our new website up to date and responsive while working to include a History Page. Ongoing work includes sending out the weekly e-newsletter, primarily comprised of content from you: class and performance information, auditions, special opportunities, and much more. All posts offer connection across Minnesota and beyond.

DanceMN needs your help to continue this meaningful and necessary work! Whether you are a reader or regular poster, please contribute today. Thank you in advance for your generosity, enabling DanceMN to continue promoting and supporting dance growth in Minnesota.

Before the weeds of summer take over, spring to it and make your donation to DanceMN this May!


DanceMN Steering Committee:

Ashley Chin-Mark, Rahila Coats, Penelope Freeh, Joanne Gordon, Sarah LaRose-Holland, Jim Lieberthal, Kaya Lovestrand, Zofia Mathews, Alys Ayumi Ogura, Eve Schulte, Julie Warder, and Arneshia Williams

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