Screendance by Kayla Schiltgen, Available to View - December 14 to December 19

View Kayla Schiltgen’s new screendance, object permanence, on Vimeo now through December 19. For those who caught object permanence at Choreographers’ Evening, this screening is of the entire work; 15 minutes in length.

object permanence is an act of curiosity pursuing my enduring wonder about visibility or lack thereof in a time of perpetual display. Object permanence is a concept studied in developmental psychology, it refers to the understanding that people, places, and things continue to exist even when they can no longer be sensed. I stumbled across this idea during my research, it captured my attention, and has since been revealing what it wants discovered through the creative journey of building this screendance.

Choreography, dance, cinematography, and editing: Kayla Schiltgen
Original composition and music: Dean Sibinski
Production assistance: Eric Elefson

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