REFUGE: Seeking Paid Extras for Dance Film - August 14

REFUGE a film by Jennifer Arave

Set 100 years in the future, REFUGE contemplates a radically changed world after environmental and technological collapse. The world’s citizens have become climate nomads forced to leave their homes in search of new places where they can find shelter, food, water, and safety. In this world, the nomads can only travel by night, wearing hoods to shield them from the errant satellites still signaling to the digital implants within their brains.

Casting 15-20 extras. No dance experience necessary, but must feel comfortable with active daily movements (walking, lifted arms, laying on the ground). Okay to adapt movement for disability. Looking for diverse representations of identities. Seeking various gender identities, ages 18+. Especially seeking ages 55-80. Variety of racial, cultural, national identities, body types, and varied abilities are encouraged to apply. Send photo and bio to

More information available here.

Deadline: August 14, 2022