Off-Leash Area Seeks Hosts for Eighth Neighborhood Garage Tour

Off-Leash Area seeks homeowners/hosts for their eighth annual Neighborhood Garage Tour!

Do you have a 2-car garage? Do you love the performing arts? Do you enjoy bringing people together? If you answered “yes,” you would be a great host for the Garage Tour!

Off-Leash Area’s Neighborhood Garage Tour is the company’s performing arts access program where the company transforms typical 2-car garages into 40-seat black box theaters, complete with set, lights, stage, seating, and performers to connect with underserved audiences across the Metro, with the overall goal of expanding participation in the arts.

We are especially looking for households with a person with disabilities. Off-Leash Area’s mission includes working for equity and opportunity for all persons with disabilities.

Are you interested in hosting? You can find out more about being a Garage Tour host and the Neighborhood Garage Tour here. You can also call us at 612-724-7372 or email

Don’t miss your chance to bring this great event to your neighborhood!

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Jennifer Ilse