Moving Practice with Ruby Josephine Smith Tuesdays in January - January 25

Moving Practice is a weekly class series for professional dancers. Classes prioritize rigor, diversity of contemporary aesthetics, variety of class content, and commitment. Professional level dancers of all styles are welcome.

Tuesdays, 10:00-11:30AM at The Arena

Ruby Josephine Smith teaches throughout January.

These contemporary classes focus on finding individual flow in the body and exploring different, contrasting qualities of movement through improvisation and phrasework. Fluidity, breath, and expression tend to be at the core of my work and practice, so we will use these themes to get back in touch with the beautifully internal experience of moving and dancing that then can be radiated out to audiences and observers. This will be done through exercises connecting breath and movement and finding flow from the spine and core, guided improvisations using images and sensations, and a combination taught at the end that aims to bring all the themes of class together, leaving room for the dancer to play within the set movement.

Ruby Josephine Smith is a contemporary dance artist and choreographer, born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her curiosity and passion launched her into a life of travel, continuing her self-driven training at studios, workshops and intensives around Europe. She finally landed in Tangier, Morocco, where she was based for the past 7 years until recently relocating back to the Twin Cities. In Tangier she taught regular classes at Le Conservatoire D’Art et de Musique and Positive School, as well as taught workshops and masterclasses around the country. As an experienced choreographer, her expressive, fluid and narrative work has been showcased in festivals around Morocco and Southern Europe, and commissioned by institutions such as the US Embassy of Morocco’s Cultural Department and the French Institute of Morocco. She has had the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from internationally renowned dance artists, including Pau Aran Gimeno of Tanztheater Wuppertal and Brazilian choreographer Natalia Fernandes. She currently teaches, creates and performs in Minneapolis, giving regular classes at Zenon Dance School and Circus Juventas. Ruby believes strongly in the power of dance to tell stories, explore personal expression, and form human connections.

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Join us for Amy Jones’ Pilates mat class from 9:15-10:00am before Moving Practice. Take both for just $25!

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The Arena
711 W. Lake Street
Studio 308
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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