Momentary Certainties Outdoor Dance Performance - September 10

Join us to celebrate the opening of the outdoor exhibition Momentary Certainties which examines the intertwined themes of ephemerality (something that lasts a short time) and permanence (something that remains unchanged). This outdoor exhibition is installed along walking paths and throughout the lawns, meadows, and native grasses and will be punctuated by dance performances throughout the day inspired by the same themes. Come and see how visual and dance artists grapple with themes of ephemerality, permanence, nature and change in the landscape.

September 10 from 1:00-3:00pm
This is a free event.

1:15pm – Mary Willmeng, Wave  

Wave is a solo piece based on the qualities of water. Water embodies the qualities of the theme chosen for this performance, ephemerality and permanence. It is constantly moving and changing. It has the power to calm and cleanse, but also has the ability to crash and overpower. Water transforms but is a constant. It is present in our bodies and in the world around us.

1:30pm – Julie Marie Muskat, Healing Herman Hesse 

Healing Herman Hesse is a poem about the complicated inner life of a famous author and a dance that shares both this story and an original one for the dancer. The piece premiered in 2014 and has taken on many lives since in both outdoor and indoor landscapes. As I return to this work, I am reminded by the Heraclitus observation: “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” The work is both permanent and ever-changing, and my experience with it this time is as a totally different person from my exploration before.

2:00pm – Analog Dance Works, Serve Id 

Serve Id catapults us into Minnesota’s natural environment. The title takes inspiration from Cervidae – the taxonomic name for the deer family – and the concept of the Id – one of the three selves defined by Sigmund Freud as the animalistic instinctual self. In the work, we joyfully, selfishly, and wholeheartedly dance to “serve our id” through the seasons. This dance is an ode to our climate in Minnesota as we know it before it slips through our fingers into memory because of climate change.

2:30pm – Julie Marie Muskat, Healing Herman Hesse 

2:45pm – Mary Willmeng, Wave

Location Info

Eagan Art House
3981 Lexington Ave S
Eagan, MN 55123

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Lee Ann Pomplas