Minotaur – Work in Progress Showing - May 19

Get a glimpse into Off-Leash Area’s next groundbreaking production at this one-night-only work-in-progress showing of Minotaur!

In Minotaur Off-Leash Area beheads the patriarchy with dance, mask performance, live music, and live animated projection as we delve into the world of the violent and labyrinth-bound creature, half-bull half-man.

OLA Co-Artistic Director and Choreographer Jennifer Ilse leads a gender diverse, multi-generational, and fiery cast to take audiences on a thoroughly interdisciplinary and utterly imaginative journey exploring the possibilities laid bare by the metaphorical beheading of the patriarchy. With this production the artists ask: Once the patriarchy is laid asunder, and after knowing nothing other than a labyrinthine system of oppression, how do we know when we are free of a hierarchical system’s seductive power?

Dancers Nieya Amezquita, Gabby Garcia, Jennifer Ilse, Jesse Schmitz-Boyd, and Joseph Wurm will perform Minotaur with contemporary dance and mask performance. Accompanying the performers and immersing the entire audience will be a live music and sound score by Dameun Strange, and a live animated projection design by OLA Co-Artistic Director Paul Herwig. All together Off-Leash Area will take the audience to an otherworldly space where ancient myth, dreams of a future, and our urgent present collide.

Location Info

Studio 2-B Cowles Center
528 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403


Contact Info

paul herwig