MEADOWLARK Outdoor Promenade Performance in Bryn Mawr Meadows - May 20

Weekly outdoor, promenade performances. Audiences stroll past works of art (music, dance, spoken word, aerial, and visual 2D/3D art works) created and performed live in the natural and urban setting of one of Minneapolis’s lesser-known parks (set to be renovated in 2022). No rehearsals, no money, no stress.

When: Four Sundays, June 6, 13, 20, 27 from 6:00-7:00pm
Ideally all four, but even one is possible.

Informational sessions Wednesday, May 19 at 6:00pm and Sunday May 23 at 4:00pm and as needed. Contact host.

Who: Sally Rousse and Alejandra Iannone, creators, along with 15-40 contributors (actors, movers, comedians, aerialists, tappers, poets, singers, musicians, 2D/3D artists).

Here’s the thing — if you’ve been feeling conflicted and anxious about generating anything, this is a great way to dive in and connect with the dance community in person. You can simply take on one of the scores Alejandra and I are creating: rigorous alien game/competition for a group of 10+ movers; or a more gentle score for 3-5 people.

Location Info

Bryn Mawr Meadows
620 Oliver Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Contact Info

Sally Rousse
Deadline: May 20, 2021