Leila Awadallah / BODY WATANI Dance Presents TERRANEA at Red Eye Theater - April 6 to April 8

TERRANEA: hakawati of the sea is a dance performance searching for memories inside diasporic bodies to reflect on notions of home while simultaneously asking, “what does the water of the Mediterranean Sea remember?”

In blurring researched realities and mythology-making, TERRANEA examines Palestinian experiences of occupation, refugee crisis (of land and sea), and politics around movement and nation within this body of water; only to depart into dream. A sea spirit, Terranea, emerges as mother for those lost in waves — welcoming souls of migrants into a fluid and mythical shared space, world-making endeavors towards imagining a collective home.

Conceptualized and choreographed by Leila Awadallah in collaboration with Noelle Awadallah and the Body Watani Dance Project artists joining them: Nakita Kirchner, Sharitah Nalule, Emma Marlar and Erica Jo Vibar Sherwood. Original music by Renée Copeland featuring Amal Kaawash singing Palestinian / Levantine folk songs, percussion and more by PJ Roduta, and oud by Clarissa Bitar.

Location Info

Red Eye Theater
2213 Snelling Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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Leila Awadallah