Kei Tsuruharatani’ Workshops at Threads Dance Nexus by Theater Mu and Threads - May 23 to May 25

Conscious Movement | May 23, 6:30-8:30pm

This workshop is a movement exploration and mindfulness practice for both non-dancers and dancers. Activities include body mapping, improvisation, reflecting on perspective, and learning how to move with ease as you interpret and exude different experiences in your body. Kei will also be going over textures to support acting and singing, better allowing artists to connect with their bodies and understand how certain movements feel in relation to how they look.

Decolonizing Ballet | May 25, 10am-12pm

Dancers will learn how to approach ballet from a decolonized perspective as they go through technique exercises and combinations with Kei. They will also focus on how to imbue their movements with creativity and artistry as opposed to executing them at a level of technical virtuosity. Like everything Kei does, approaches will have a focus on mindfulness and will explore how deconstructing movement and styles can bring new life to them.

Pay-as-able: $10-$40

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Rae Charles Harge