Katha Dance Theatre Seeks Diverse Dancers to Join Training Program - November 18

Katha Dance Theatre has been performing and educating in Kathak, the classical Indian dance form, since 1987. Kathak is a beautiful dance form that is grounded in a mixture of balletic lyrical movements and pirouettes as well as complex rhythmic footwork. Because it originated as a form of storytelling, the form also has a strong emotional component and evokes narratives through dancers’ gestures and facial expressions. KDT has been working for over 35 years to make the form accessible and inclusive through offering programs throughout the state of Minnesota (and beyond) and collaborating with multicultural artists on original work.

With that in mind, KDT is seeking dancers of diverse mediums and ethnic backgrounds to join their school on a track to eventually join the professional company. The organization has received grant funding that enables it to offer full scholarships to at least 5 dancers outside of its majority-South Asian community to begin Kathak training.

The training would begin ASAP, with Fall classes now ongoing. Professional dancers of any kind are welcome, with male dancers being especially encouraged to join. To learn more about the upcoming session, go to our website and email info@kathadance.org if interested.

Watch an example of KDT’s work here.

Photo by Anjana Nair

Contact Info

Rita Mustaphi
Deadline: November 18, 2022