Introducing JHN DANCE

Dancer for 20 years and choreographer for 14 years, Jacob L. Hollingsworth has abundant experience in dance with formal training in a variety of styles including ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop. He wanted to take dance to the next level by showing dancers that they are so much more than a sideshow or background act. His goal is to make dance the formidable art form it truly is with creativity and elite levels of skill. JHN Dance allows dancers to develop into professionals with training at a variety of different levels and class options.

Beginner – Learn the fundamentals of urban and hip-hop dance.
Intermediate – Start to incorporate dance choreography and develop your own personal style.
Advanced – Learn elite-level performance and choreography skills including production, direction, filmmaking, and more!

JHN DANCE Monthly includes three core content outlines: introduction, mid-month, and conclusion. These levels are contrived of multi-step learning to be paired with your dance lessons to make sure you are growing properly to kickstart your dance journey in your first month with JHN DANCE. Set your goals and vision for yourself and learn more about what can make you a phenomenal dancer!

JHN DANCER Rewards + JHN DANCE Monthly is a pairing of programs that will reward dancers for dancing! There are three tiers, and each level carries its very own set of rewards and benefits.

Silver – JHN DANCER School Member
Gold – JHN DANCER Company Member

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