Hatch Dance and HoneyWorks Share LDV the Film at Springboard For the Arts - August 30

Join Hatch Dance and HoneyWorks at Springboard for the Arts on August 30 for a screening of LDV, a dance inspired by Federico Fellini’s 1960 film La Dolce Vita.

August 30
8:00pm (please arrive early to find parking)
Free, with optional donation as able

Co-created by Berit Ahlgren (HoneyWorks), Helen Hatch (Hatch Dance), and Noble Productions (Andrew Hatling and Evelyn Sadowski), LDV was shot during a live performance in August 2021 at Live @ The Shed in St. Paul, MN. Featuring multiple cameras, including a paparazzi cameraman within the dance itself, gives audiences a new viewpoint of “the exuberant work {that} captured the whirling gusto of the film and emanated bacchic revelry” (Sheila Regan, Star Tribune).

Featuring Berit Ahlgren, Helen Hatch, Hannah Benditt, Jeremy Bensussan, Judith Brin Ingber, Nicole Brown, Zhauna Franks, Stephanie Grey, Andrew Hatling, Alejandra Iannone, Gemma Isaacson, Juliana Johnson, Jennifer Mack, Samantha Meryhew, Kelli Miles, Da’Rius Malone, Blake Nellis, Yolanda Pauly, Amanda Sachs, Tristen Sanborn, Connor Simone, Rhapsody Striggers, Joe Tennis, Lauren Vasilakos, Elliana Vesely, Genevieve Waterbury, and Scott Willits.

Location Info

Springboard for the Arts
262 University Ave West
St. Paul, MN 55103


Contact Info

Berit Ahlgren