Friday Morning Jazz is Going on Pause – Two Classes Left

Dear Community:

Erinn Liebhard and Karla Grotting are so grateful for the past eight years of co-teaching Friday Morning Jazz Class at Zenon together. We have decided to put FMJ on “pause” for a bit; we’re both spinning a lot of plates right now and had to set one down so the rest don’t drop. “Pause” means we intend to teach an open jazz class together again sometime in the future, continuing to offer the community a chance to engage with a jazz-music-forward, history-infused jazz class inspired by both social and concert dance ideas – we are invested in the presence of great open jazz class offerings for our community!

We have two more classes at Zenon before this “pause”:
December 9 with Erinn
December 16 with Karla and Erinn – this last day will wrap with a little celebration gathering after class: stay, socialize, feel community!

Thank you all: regulars, drop-ins, folks we see once every two years, and all of you who keep up with us in our Facebook group. We’ve thrived by sharing in this great sense of community and in the joy of dancing together. We appreciate you all, look forward to seeing you around the community, and will be back with an open public class for you when the timing is right!

#GetYourAssToClassThreeMoreTimes #ButAlsoKeepTakingJazzAtZenon #AndOtherClasses #Everywhere #AllTheTime

Location Info

Zenon Dance School
Cowles Center, Fourth Floor
528 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403


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Erinn Liebhard