Feldenkrais Zoom Series: (A)symmetry in Action; a Moving Balance - April 2 to May 9

Feldenkrais Zoom series with lessons by Jeffrey Wells and Krista Langberg: (A)symmetry in action; a moving balance.

The idea of perfect symmetry in ourselves is a myth. While we can see a general symmetry in our structure – two arms, two legs, a midline, etc. – there are plenty of asymmetries. Our heart is situated a little left of center, nestled within a two-lobed left lung across from a three-lobed right lung. Further down we have a liver on the right and a spleen and stomach to the left; not to mention the undulating 20 feet of intestines even lower. Even our seemingly symmetrical skeletal and muscular systems offer beautiful reflections of our complex, varied, and counter-symmetrical lives. 

Our asymmetries are what make us who we are, and many of them arise and get reinforced by how we move ourselves. Rather than try to wish away or “fix” these variations, in our upcoming Feldenkrais series we will explore how increasing awareness of our biases and differences can offer us new and improved ways of acting with our uniqueness, enhancing our sense of wholeness. 

April 2-May 9, 2024
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Tuesdays, 10:00-11:15am CST
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$75-$150; income-based sliding scale. If cost is a barrier, let’s discuss!
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Zoom Series Includes
Six distinct ATM lessons and post-lesson discussions.
Access to lesson audio recordings.
Flexibility to mix and match recordings from Tuesdays and Thursdays to fit your schedule.

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