Family Day: Flamenco con Abuelita with Susana di Palma - April 24

Spend a week exploring Spanish culture and flamenco tradition with Teaching Artist Susana di Palma!

The Cowles Center has expanded upon the traditional Family Day offering to provide an easy-to-follow curriculum toolkit exploring flamenco, that culminates in an hour-long virtual dance class: Flamenco con Abuelita. We hear our puppet friends Toro and Carmencita will be there! Participants can follow along at our recommended pace, explore at their own pace, or simply show up to dance during Saturday’s class. This activity is designed for children in Kindergarten through second grade.

Register for the Saturday Flamenco Dance Class to receive our full toolkit. The toolkit is designed to be used from Monday, April 19 through Friday, April 23, ahead of Susana’s class, and includes fun activities such as coloring pages, DIY ideas, and more!

Registration closes at 8:00am on April 24.

Contact Info

Elyse Chambers


Class Title: Flamenco con Abuelita
Instructor: Susana di Palma
Price: Free!
Date: April 24, 2021
Time: 10:00 am
End Date: 11:00 am