Drop-in GYROKINESIS® Method Classes with Non Edwards

I became interested in the GYROKINESIS® Method because the exercises are rooted in full-body movement that builds skill in coordination and proprio/interoception. Exercises can be performed seated on an armless chair or stool, standing, and on hands and knees. We will work on the seven spinal movements, joint articulation, and cultivating strength with coordinated breath while transitioning through sequences with fluidity.

The GYROKINESIS® Method addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences.

Online Classes:

Level 1:
Friday, 10:30am – https://zoom.us/j/556949877
Monday, 10:00am – https://zoom.us/j/597696618

Tuesday, 6:00pm – http://zoom.us/j/85360225028
Thursday, 12:00pm – https://zoom.us/j/86006978332
Sunday, 10:30am – https://zoom.us/j/637871744

All classes are 60 minutes. Drop-ins welcome any time.
Class fee is a sliding scale, $5-20 payable at http://paypal.me/nonedwards or by check. No one is turned away for non-payment.

New Class – In Person:
All Levels: Tuesdays, 4:00-5:00pm
At the Arena, 711 W Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN
September 7 – December 15, 2021. $17 drop-in; discount cards available.

Want to explore on your own schedule?
Private sessions available, also on a sliding scale.

GYROKINESIS® is a registered trademark of GYROTONIC Sales Corp and is used with their permission.

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