Dance Educators in Higher Education: Please Share With Your Seniors


The Open Source Dance Methodology [OSD] identifies the first two to three years, immediately following a BA/BS degree in Dance, as the most critical period in sustaining a Dance career and provides a framework for a comprehensive, multidisciplinary peer environment, focusing on all aspects of Dance, which collectively, contributes to a cost effective and sustainable, transitional environment, from student to professional, for the 21st Century Dancer. It is another option to consider, in planning their professional careers, especially now during the added obstacles of a universal pandemic.

“What Open Source Dance provides is unprecedented in Dance and it is greatly needed….”- Dr. Julie Kerr-Berry, Dance Scholar, 2008.

I began developing OSD in 2004 based on the extensive theoretical developments that had occurred in modern/post-modern dance during the 20th century, the open source philosophy in the technology industry, and the increasing trends towards a 21st century global dance community, and published it in 2008 under a creative commons license as free to apply and use, by any applicable dancer, anywhere. – Manjunan Gnanaratnam. 2010