Dance Camera North Festival Conversation, Celebration, and Screening - April 13

Dance Camera North is proud to partner with the dance department at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The festival will include a conversation with MSU faculty Yukina Sato and DCN Adjudication Panelist, Barbara Weiner, speaking on the dance film from the choreographer’s and the filmmaker’s perspective. There will be social time for filmmakers and dancers as we cultivate a space for collaboration within the worlds of film and dance.

The event will culminate with a screening of the 2024 Dance Camera North International Dance Film Festival. The winner of the “Best of the Festival” Jury Panel award will be invited to speak about their work for the festival attendees as well.

Artist Conversation with Barbara Wiener, Dance Camera North Adjudicator; and Yukina Sato, Faculty MSU-Mankato.
Dance is a spectacular art, moving a body through space. Film is a spectacular art, moving a story through time. Now, how do you put these two forms together to create a whole new art form, the Dance Film?

This discussion explores the dynamic relationship between the art forms of Dance and Film from the director’s and choreographer’s perspectives. What makes a great dance film? How do the dancers and the camera collaborate to make a new surprising form of expression? What is choreographing for the camera? How do you embody and tell a story through film and dance? What is expected from filming choreography and the collaboration with the cinematographer? How is editing choreography unto itself — and how do you share the creative process with filmmakers? Learn what to think about when choreographing and shooting dance for film.

Saturday, April 13
Schedule of the Day
10:00-11:30: Greeting and Artist Conversation
11:30-12:00: Social time with light refreshments
12:00-1:00: Screening of DCN 2024 Festival

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Free, donations appreciated!

Location Info

Earley Center for the Performing Arts
320 Maywood Ave
Rooms 203 A and B
Mankato , MN 56001


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Danielle Cheng