CRUDE TUESDAY spelled with yarn, button, and miscellaneous materials

Crude Tuesdays at the Bryant Lake Bowl - February 7

Dear movers, dancers, and lovers of the body,

Introducing Crude Tuesdays, a new monthly gathering at the Bryant Lake Bowl!

We are transforming the stage of the BLB (it’s a small stage, some have said it measures 9×22) into a space to play, experiment, perform, and create in the moment – with each other, for each other, with love, joy, and raw honesty shaking up our bones.

Concretely, we want to provide a space for movers to perform: whether you want to share your work-in-progress, improvise, facilitate a spontaneous group dance, or sit in silence for 5 minutes, we welcome you to the stage. And if you want to come and watch, we welcome you to the chairs.

If you’d like to perform, please send an email addressed to and for more information. We are encouraging short pieces for now (between 3 and 15 minutes) so that (hopefully) everyone can have a turn.

Come, come, bring your bodies and your heart cups, and get ready to be surprised.

With love,
Zoë and Kendall

Location Info

Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater
810 W Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55408


Contact Info

Zoe Que
Deadline: February 7, 2023