Collide Theatrical Dance Company Presents WONDERLAND - May 29 to June 20

May 26-30 at the James J Hill House
June 5-20 at Mill City Museum

Join us in WonderLand, a premier psychiatric hospital. Dr. Knight has the difficult task of treating a man who refers to himself as a “White Rabbit” and suffers from a severe anxiety disorder, a young woman named Alice with body dysmorphia, and a Queen figure suffering from narcissistic rage.

As the doctor digs deeply into the causes and roots of their disorders he begins to ask: what does “normal” really mean?

Collide tells this story using its signature blend of high-energy dance styles set to a modern pop-rock soundtrack. The dance theater experience, created to suit safety requirements of COVID-19, will take the audience on a 70-minute ride into a compelling story of friendship and acceptance.

The production takes place outside at the James J Hill House and Mill City Museum. Virtual viewing option available.

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Featuring dancers Renee Guittar, Rush Benson, Heather Brockman, Chelsea Rose, Jarod Boltjes, Patrick Jeffrey, Miranda Shaughnessey

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