Choreographers/Teachers – DanceBARN Festival 2023 - January 9

Join us for the ninth annual DanceBARN Festival in Battle Lake, MN – July 17-23, 2023. We have found ourselves in collaboration in many capacities over the years. From collaborating with the local lumberyard to create a site specific performance, to working with a local fiber artist to make costumes for a performance in the state park. We have curated a series called CollabArts in the Twin Cities and we thought it would be a great theme for this year’s Festival! 

Movers: Participate in all the week’s offerings of classes and creative process with collaborators. Spend the days dancing in the beautiful community space, hiking at Glendalough State park, swimming and kayaking in crystal clear lakes. The evenings will be filled with delicious communal meals in the breathtaking scenery at Xanadu Island and activities like karaoke dance parties. 

Choreographers: Participate as a Mover. Have an opportunity to engage in collaborative art-making with a local artist. The week will culminate in a public performance featuring dance and other mediums.

Teachers: Participate as a Mover. Share your personal practice. Play with new ideas. Propose a class you’d like to teach during the Festival with other movers. 

Applications due January 9! Learn more and apply today:

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DanceBARN Collective
Deadline: January 9, 2023