ARENA DANCES’ Studio Stories – CANDY BOX Special with Ayumi Shafer

Join ARENA DANCES for our weekly Studio Stories podcast, where each week we reminisce on Twin Cities dance history with a new special guest. This week we continue our special CANDY BOX Dance Festival edition hearing from Happy Hour artist Ayumi Shafer.

Ayumi Shafer is an educator, choreographer, dancer, and co-founder of DanceBARN Collective. In 2013, she relocated from Oregon after she earned her MFA in Dance at the University of Oregon. Passionate about dance and education, she completed her thesis research on the idea of play and creativity being effectively integrated into a curriculum in dance in higher education. Prior to her arrival at the UO, Ayumi extensively trained in modern dance in the city of San Francisco, and earned a BA in Dance from San Francisco State University.

Tune in this Thursday, March 17 at 12:00pm to hear what Ayumi Shafer is sharing as part of the 6th Annual CANDY BOX Dance Festival happening May 2-7 at the Southern Theater.

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