A New Feldenkrais Series: Your Poetic Pelvis - December 4 to February 8

Your Poetic Pelvis
December 4 – February 8
Sundays at 4:00pm CST and Wednesdays at 6:30pm CST
Available as a livestream on Zoom or using the self-paced recordings.

Over ten sessions, we will explore the pelvis and its connections to the whole self. Everything is related to even small changes in the pelvis. The pelvis is a highly mobile structure, constantly responding to movement above and below it. Muscles that attach to the pelvis move in many directions, some connecting all the way to the upper spine, others crossing the hip joints and connecting into the legs all the way to the knees. This series will help you improve and clarify the fundamental movements of your pelvis for more effective action in your daily functions like walking, standing, and sitting. For those that recently took the pelvic floor series, this series can act like a Part 2, as we will continue to understand the pelvis through a whole new series of creative explorations (less focused on the pelvic floor itself).

Curious? Attend the Free Intro Class on Wednesday, November 30 at 6:30pm to find out more. Register here for the intro class.

Pay-as-able options are available for the ten week series. More details for the Your Poetic Pelvis series can be found by clicking the links!

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Sarah Baumert