Dear Minnesota Dance Community,

DanceMN grieves the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castille, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, and the growing list of Black and Brown people at the hands of police. We stand in solidarity for the fight for justice with our BIPOC communities and are committed to working to end systemic racism.

As a repository for the dance community, resources will be included in DanceMN newsletters moving forward. We encourage our readers to submit as well. We hope that this will help disseminate important information, allowing us all to support, lean on, and push each other to take action.

Black Lives Matter.

DanceMN’s Steering Committee,
Rahila Coats, Penelope Freeh, Joanne Gordon, Jim Lieberthal, Kaya Lovestrand, Alys Ayumi Ogura, Abdo Sayegh, and Anat Shinar

DanceMN Steering Committee- admin@dancemn.org


You're Invited to


A collective, outdoor movement meditation practice facilitated by Dancer/Educators, Demetrius McClendon (ImagineJoy) and Alanna Morris-Van Tassel.

Centering the politics of joy and liberation.

August 8, 2020
Boom Island Park, Minneapolis, by the playground.


Family friendly, y'all.

More info: http://www.bit.ly/movingwithjoy

Sponsored by The PlaygroundNYC

Collaboration between Don't you feel it too? and Alanna Morris-Van Tassel Productions.

Love, Peace, Joy

Boom Island Park | 724 Sibley St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Alanna Morris-Van Tassel- alanna@alannamvt.com, (917) 583-3567

We at Rhythmically Speaking are moved by and wish to share with you vibrant ways jazz and American social dance ideas connect us to the moment, ourselves and others, music, and movement during a time in which the human need for connection has been so illuminated. While we usually create human connection through live workshops and performances, our difficult but necessary decision to postpone our twelfth annual August show, The Cohort 2020, until May 20-22, 2021 has challenged us to connect in a new way: with a virtual event we've aptly titled The Cohort: From Home!

Details on how to register, donate, and access the streams for the show and the happy hour that follows, as well as about our coinciding anti-racism and intersectional justice efforts, can be found here: http://www.rhythmicallyspeakingdance.org/the-cohort/.

We hope to 'see you' on August 14!


"The ability of a human to listen fully embodied has always been essential to my dancing and choreographic work. I am hoping to share with the dance community a deeper understanding of how we can LISTEN, especially during this timely place we find ourselves, from COVID-19 to the Black Lives Matter movement and the upcoming elections." —Mathew Janczewski

This conversation will explore how to listen and hear from within our whole self to better understand those with us, across from us, and our surroundings. The conversation will be facilitated by multifaceted artists Berit Ahlgren, Kenna-Camara Cottman, and Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb.

Held quarterly, Floorwork is a discussion series that brings forward timely topics pertinent to the Twin Cities dance community. The goal of these conversations is to highlight experiences, share resources, and foster growth.

Monday, August 17
Location TBD. Both in-person and virtual options will be available.

Please RSVP by August 15 at https://bit.ly/3g5wdlo.


Join Cassandra LIVE on Zoom!

Cassandra’s vision is to present two enduring styles of Raqs Sharqi (belly dance) nightclub performance experiences, back-to-back, in one show. The first half of this show is the Classic American style and the second half is the Classic Egyptian style. Instead of one dancer performing for the duration of each style, as is normally done, each full-length dance style is presented as it would be experienced in a nightclub venue, with emotional moods and sections being portrayed and interpreted by different dancers.

Following the classic traditions, each dancer’s performance is improvised, making for a more exciting, spontaneous performance! Featured dancers are Cassandra, Alana, Courtney, Helen, Laura, Lauren, Salome Alexandra, and Zahirah.

Show begins on your screen at 6:00pm CT, Saturday, August 22.
Reservations are $20 and only one reservation per home is needed. Payment in advance is required by 12:00pm CT, the day of the show.

Jenny Piper- genmanager@jawaahir.org, (612) 872-6050


Young Dance has two on demand class packages available for purchase!

Joys of Dancing Together - On Demand
Created for dancers one to three years old, with a caretaker.
Receive five 30-minute lessons exploring dancing together. Children and their caregivers discover the joys of dance through movement games, stories, and songs. Children will have an opportunity to develop large and fine motor skills that emphasize exploration, manipulation, imitation, and repetition.

Dance a Story: Creative Movement and Storytelling Adventure! - On Demand
Created for dancers three to six years old.
Receive seven 30-minute Creative Movement classes focusing on storytelling. The online activities will include supplemental materials and special surprises to help the little dancer on their creative adventure!

To purchase and for more information on all summer programs, visit our website: http://youngdance.org/summercamps

Photos by Blake Nellis; top right photo by Stan Waldhauser.

CO•MOTION Center for Movement | 655 Fairview Ave N, St. Paul, MN 55104
Jennifer Glaws- jennifer@youngdance.org, (612) 423-3064

Considering joining the BCL family? We are proud to welcome dancers and families into our space to take a tour of our studios, observe in-session classes, and meet one-on-one with faculty members.
Experience the space for yourself! Schedule your visit by emailing us at info@balletcolaboratory.org.

Available times include:
Thursday, August 6: 9:00am-12:00pm

276 E Lafayette Frontage Rd, St. Paul, MN
Maria Vitelli- info@balletcolaboratory.org, (651) 313-5967

Ballet Royale, Minnesota's premiere ballet academy, is offering a focused ballet and variations workshop, specializing in preparing dancers for performing or competing in national ballet competitions.

Following daily classical ballet technique class, dancers learn classic ballet variations and receive advanced personal coaching. This workshop benefits all dancers, whether preparing for a competition, an upcoming performance, or simply wanting to polish and improve their artistry, technique, and quality.

This workshop has both in-person and online-only options, and will follow social distancing rules through floor markings and limited enrollment. Masks are required. Please see our website or contact the studio for more information regarding our complete safety precautions.

Recommended for intermediate through advanced and professional dancers, ages ten and up. By audition or invitation only.

Ballet Royale Minnesota | 16368 Kenrick Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044
Rick Vogt- info@BalletRoyaleMN.org, (952) 898-3163

Gut, Bones, Ground:
(Re)Connecting to plant magic and the lower body
Virtual classes with Laura Levinson

Mondays, August 10, 17, 24
Please RSVP: https://forms.gle/QN2Yr1qDbPgnwNVSA

Sex, magic, dirt, herbs, pelvis, land. This class synthesizes herbalism*, somatics, and improvisational movement to ask: What is the connection between healing our relationship to the lower body—particularly the gut and pelvis—and healing our relationships to one another and to wounded land? This class grows out of my ongoing choreographic research connecting plant magic/earth, queerness/sex, and the healing of toxic whiteness.

While we gather virtually, we recognize that we are still three-dimensional beings connected to our own locations and body-stories. This class seeks to build our connection to both our immediate physical surroundings, and to one another across distance and through the ether.

*Herbalism is a useful tool that helps cultivate and protect a way of thinking that honors right relationship, reciprocity, and resourcefulness—using what is available, not taking more than we need, and supporting the inherent wisdom of the body. AND—my training is in Western Eclectic Herbalism, which is also situated in the context of this country: violence, genocide, appropriation and erasure are part of its story, too. I invite us in this class to remember both the beauty and the shadow side of this healing tool together.

Supported by The Cowles Center's Generating Room: Open Proposal Program.


Join Ballet Royale in-person for this outside Creative Dance Camp inspired by Toy Story! Young dancers ages four through nine can dance "to infinity and beyond" outdoors under a tent, and perform for family members at the end of the workshop.

Our July workshop sold out, so register quickly to save your place!

August 15, 10:00am–11:00am
Outside showcase for family members at 10:55am.
Ages four through nine, in person at Ballet Royale, with limited class size.
Cost: $20

Social distancing rules will be followed through limited enrollment and ground markings. Dancers do not need to wear masks for this outside workshop. The workshop instructor will be wearing a mask. Please see our website for more information or to register online: http://www.BalletRoyaleMN.org.

Ballet Royale Minnesota | 16368 Kenrick Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044
Rick Vogt- info@BalletRoyaleMN.org, (952) 898-3163

Katha Dance Theatre (KDT) is a professional dance company and school offering unparalleled education in Kathak, the classical North Indian dance form. Kathak is founded on four pillars of movement: complex rhythmic footwork, pirouettes, facial expressions, and gestural storytelling.

KDT will offer a two-week intensive this August for experienced Kathak students who are interested in learning a complete dance sequence that can be performed at various festivals and community events. They've invited internationally renowned Kathak master Vidushi Saswati Sen to co-lead the intensive along with KDT instructors.

The intensive will take place over Zoom, Saturdays through Tuesdays, August 15-25.

Students new to KDT must fill out a registration form in addition to paying tuition. Children ages six and above with at least two years of Kathak experience are welcome to participate, as are youth and adults with at least one year of experience.

Email any questions to info@kathadance.org.


Two different two-week sessions for dancers ages ten through 20. Every day will begin with ballet technique and different dance forms such as contemporary, modern, pointe strengthening, conditioning, and more. In the Company Repertoire Laboratory dancers will learn company repertoire directly from our professional company artists, including Gentle Human, An American in Paris, Freddie – Break Free, and more! Virtual and in-studio options available!

INTERMEDIATE LABORATORY for ages ten through fifteen
August Session Company Repertoire
August 17-28, 2020
Monday, Wednesday, Friday,

ADVANCED LABORATORY for ages thirteen through 20
August Session Company Repertoire
August 17-28, 2020

Space is limited!

276 E Lafayette Frontage Rd, St. Paul, MN
Maria Vitelli- info@balletcolaboratory.org, (651) 313-5967

Ballet Royale is offering two week-long workshops designed to strengthen and prepare your dancer for the new dance year.

Pointe Prep Workshop
Sunday, August 18-Friday, August 23
We start the week off with getting pointe shoes, followed by a week-long workshop introducing pointe to your dancer. By invitation of the director only, or for dancers entering Advanced Youth I.

Youth Ballet Jump Start Program
Monday, August 17-Friday, August 21
Sign up for this week-long workshop designed for our Youth Ballet dancers to launch successfully into the fall semester. Please contact the studio for placement and enrollment information.

Social distancing rules will be followed through floor markings and limited enrollment. Masks required. Please see our website or contact us for complete safety precautions.

We would love for you to come dance with us!

Ballet Royale Minnesota | 16368 Kenrick Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044
Rick Vogt- info@BalletRoyaleMN.org, (952) 898-3163

INTRODUCTORY LABORATORY for ages seven through ten.
A ballet workshop geared towards young dancers interested in studying ballet and dance more in depth during the summer. A 90-minute ballet class followed by a class of a different dance genre such as modern, character, and musical theatre. Dancers will focus on positions, proper alignment, and musicality. Dancers from this class may matriculate into the Pre-Professional Program in Fall 2020. This Laboratory is ideal for BCL Level 1 students.

August Session:
August 18, 20, 25 and 27
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Virtual option available!

Teaching Artist: Anna Roehr
Space is limited!

276 E Lafayette Frontage Rd, St. Paul, MN
Maria Vitelli- info@balletcolaboratory.org, (651) 313-5967

Experience the joy of dance, while learning the elements of photography and how images can inspire choreography and creativity!
August 31-September 3
For ages eight to twelve.

Each day will consist of a group photo walk to help participants focus on their photography goals and let them practice the new skills they’ve learned. The participants will then apply the elements of photography to movement exercises of creation and dance technique. This camp will offer insight into the appreciation and inspiration of movement and visual art. A digital device with photography capabilities needed, but not required.

This camp is planned to happen at Young Dance with appropriate safety measures in place, in accordance with federal and MN state guidelines. If federal and MN state guidelines do not allow, this camp will happen virtually.

To register and for more information on all our summer programs, visit our website: http://youngdance.org/summercamps.
Photos by Blake Nellis.

CO•MOTION Center for Movement | 655 Fairview Ave N, St. Paul, MN 55104
Jennifer Glaws- jennifer@youngdance.org, (612) 423-3064

Prepare for the upcoming dance season by recharging and energizing your artistry!
Monday-Thursday, August 31-September 3

This camp is open to all interested participants ages seven through eighteen. Members of the Young Dance Company are strongly encouraged to participate.

This camp will offer instruction in performance, modern, and hip hop dance styles. Participants will have the opportunity to take class from 2020-21 Young Dance guest artists Aneka McMullen and Gabrielle Abram.

Please note: This camp is planned to happen at Young Dance, with appropriate safety measures in place, in accordance with federal and MN state guidelines. If federal and MN state guidelines do not allow, this camp will happen virtually.

To register and for more information on all our summer programs, visit our website: http://youngdance.org/summercamps.

CO•MOTION Center for Movement | 655 Fairview Ave N, St. Paul, MN 55104
Jennifer Glaws- jennifer@youngdance.org, (612) 423-3064

In compliance with CDC guidelines regarding coronavirus prevention, we are keeping our Doushin Butoh Experience Workshop on Zoom.

Butoh is a contemporary Japanese performance art form that began in the late 1950's. Originally started as an anti-establishment, anti-traditional dance theater, butoh explores the relationship between our mind and body, and it questions society's perceptions of the body and ideas of "beauty." Though it is considered an underground art form, butoh is practiced all over the world.

This workshop is for people who want to experience Doushin Butoh. The essence of Doushin Butoh is “Resonance,” beyond idea or concept. It can only be felt and experienced.

Come and experience the power of Resonance!

Thursday, September 3: 6:30pm-8:00pm
Dates are subject to change.

Sign up for our mailing list at: https://www.facebook.com/doushinresonance/

Tuition: $20

Gadu Schmitz- doushinresonance@gmail.com, (612) 703-7501


"RMK Around the USA" is the national rendition of the company's 25th anniversary season entitled "RMK Around the Bay". Robert Moses' Kin was in the process of hosting pop-up performances across the Bay Area to celebrate its 25th season before COVID-19. The company is now turning the shut-down into an opportunity to expand the idea into a national virtual experience.

RMK is putting out a call for dancers and movement artists for a one-time, non-recurring video project called RMK Around the USA. Selected artists will receive an honorarium for their participation and will be responsible for working independently to generate footage in line with the project's schedule.

Participant criteria:
-Professional dancer or movement artist with at least three years of professional experience.
-Must have the ability to film in HD
-Have the ability to film in interesting environments
-Dancers who are isolating together are encouraged

Robert Moses KIN- info@robertmoseskin.org

Wednesday, August 12
6:00-7:00 p.m.

The Young Dance company is a group of passionate dancers ages seven through eighteen committed to exploring themselves and their world through dance. Young Dance company members take dance classes, learn dances from professional choreographers, create dances themselves, and perform throughout the year. Company members meet twice a week throughout the year, September-May. Although Young Dance is based in modern dance, the dancers participate in workshops in a variety of dance styles and art forms throughout the year.

Previous dance experience preferred, but not necessary. Auditions are informal, just like taking a dance class. Come prepared to move and see if Young Dance is right for you!

Location TBD: The event will either be hosted online through Zoom or outside near the Young Dance space in the Fairview Business Center, 655 Fairview Ave N, St. Paul, MN 55104.

To register, email info@youngdance.org or call 612-423-3064.

Jennifer Glaws- jennifer@youngdance.org


In an attempt to be responsive to our world and to share what we have

a financially supported space residency for a Twin Cities Metro Area-based,
Black/Indigenous/Person of Color Artist (self-defined)
working in dance improvisation for performance (self-defined)

What we can give to you:
1) $1000
2) use of HAIR+NAILS Gallery space for rehearsal/research (approximately once a week for four months)
3) potential for some kind of showing/sharing (online or in real life, flexible to changing conditions and desires)

To be considered:
1. Answer the question: Why Improvisation?
2. Tell us something about your background and/or approach, any way you want.

Email your answers or any questions to Arwen and Kristin at hijackdance@hotmail.com.

Deadline August 19.
We will decide and notify everyone by August 31.
This is not for full-time students.

HAIR+NAILS | 2222 1/2 E 35th St, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Kristin Van Loon- hijackdance@hotmail.com, (612) 229-0585

The School of Ballet Co.Laboratory offers need-based scholarships to pre-professional students for 2020/21. These scholarships will be awarded based on financial need, the interest and dedication of the student, and the availability of funding. Scholarship recipients’ families will be required to fill a Lead Volunteer position four to eight times per year. Some of these Lead Volunteer positions are during performances. See our website for more specifics regarding these Lead Volunteer positions.

Due to COVID-19 and studio capacity restrictions, Ballet Co.Laboratory will be accepting scholarship applications with an audition video instead of holding an in-person audition. Applications may be submitted electronically by completing the form in the link below. Audition videos must be uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo. The video should not exceed three minutes and should include one or two barre exercises, one or two center exercises, and one or two pointe work exercises, if applicable. Submit applications by August 15, 2020.

276 E Lafayette Frontage Rd, St. Paul, MN
Anna Roehr- aroehr@balletcolaboratory.org , (651) 313-5967

The McKnight Fellowship for Dancers and for Choreographers Intent to Apply form is now open. The deadline is Wednesday, September 9.

Choreographers: http://www.mcknightdancechoreo.org/choreographer-guidelines

Dancers: http://www.mcknightdancechoreo.org/dancer-guidelines

We will be offering two webinars for all interested applicants:

Friday, August 28: 12:00-1:00pm
Monday, August 31: 6:00-7:00pm

These sessions will be accessed via Zoom. RSVP to mckfell@thecowlescenter.org, and you will be sent a link to enter the webinar by internet browser on a computer, iPad, or smart phone.

This information session will be geared towards first-time applicants and focus on frequently asked questions regarding the application materials—the artistic statement, resume, and work sample. Participants will be able to ask questions via a chat feature, or are encouraged to submit a question by email when you RSVP.

For more information: http://www.mcknightdancechoreo.org

Mary Ellen Childs- mckfell@thecowlescenter.org

The McKnight Fellowship Intent to Apply for the 2021 Dancer and Choreographer Fellowships is due by Wednesday, September 9, 2020. The final application will be due in spring 2021. The Intent to Apply form is now open.

Choreographers: http://www.mcknightdancechoreo.org/choreographer-guidelines

Dancers: http://www.mcknightdancechoreo.org/dancer-guidelines

The McKnight Fellowships for Dancers and Choreographers awards $25,000 fellowships to Minnesota dancers and choreographers. For more information visit our website: http://www.mcknightdancechoreo.org.

The Intent to Apply is a relatively simple and easy process. If you plan to apply for a McKnight Fellowship this year, it is important that you submit an Intent to Apply by September 9.

See the separate entry about two upcoming informational webinars on August 28 and 31.

Mary Ellen Childs- mckfell@thecowlescenter.org


The Twin Cities Hospitality and Events Workers’ Relief Fund supports workers who have lost income due to business closures and event cancellations related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Twin Cities Hospitality relief effort is intended to be open to all workers in the events and hospitality industries, and will be prioritized based on level of hardship. We are offering these relief efforts to workers who are facing financial distress due to COVID-19 related work reductions.

Visit: https://tinyurl.com/y2dj9f9d to apply.

Resource submitted by Dana Kassel.

Non Edwards- news@dancemn.org

Resources to Support the Minneapolis Protests:

Resource to End Police Violence in America:

Black-Led Arts Organizations to Support Now:

DanceMN Steering Committee- admin@dancemn.org

The Cowles Center has several studio spaces available for rent as well as a conference room. All studios have sprung floors and mirrors. Rental spaces are generally intended for dance rehearsals, classes, workshops, auditions, readings, and small meetings.

Review our practices during Covid and learn more about rental policies here: https://www.thecowlescenter.org/spaces/rent-studio-conference-room-space

The Cowles Center | 528 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN
Annie Richardson- Rentals@TheCowlesCenter.org

Open Office Hours takes place the second Wednesday of every month. Participants can sign up for 30-minute consultations with Cowles Center Staff to discuss fundraising, connect with marketing on tips to promote your show, or touch base with the education and community engagement staff about outreach opportunities and career development. All consultations will take place virtually using Google Meet.

Register here: https://forms.gle/N2kJ2MfGUSFPtASY9



Don’t You Feel It Too? is the thirteen-year practice of moving our brave, honest, loving and ridiculous selves.

DYFIT addresses our present needs for racial healing and cultural change by offering parallel embodied practices of joy and belonging. Everyone is welcome in their respective caucus groups or at the Open Practice. No previous experience is necessary. In this new format the work will be more specific and authentic within and across groups.

Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00PM:
BIPOC Practice in Powderhorn Park

Saturdays, 2:00-3:00PM:
White Allies Practice online

Saturdays, 2:00-3:15PM:
BIPOC Practice online

Second and fourth Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30PM:
Open Practice online

Asher Edes- asher@dyfit.org

Erin’s advanced level contemporary/modern Zoom class through Zenon Dance School includes floor work, standing warm-ups, and phrase work, all designed to enhance the healthy use of joints and muscle groups as dancers release their weight fully into the support of the ground. Experiential awareness, body mapping, improvisation, and creative work are included as dancers channel their own expressive artistry within the movement. The delightful Dean Magraw will accompany on guitar.

Thursday mornings, 9:30-11:00am

Registration is open through Zenon's MindBody portal and closes ten minutes before class.
See you (virtually) soon!

Promocodes: EDU2020 for students; PRORATE for professionals.

For more information:

Erika Martin- info@zenondance.org

The GYROKINESIS® Method is a rhythmic, flowing system of exercise performed seated, standing, or on all fours. Participants connect to their breath while developing functional strength and creating more space in the body. Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

"I always think clearer and move more freely after a Gyrokinesis class with Non Edwards. I feel lighter, stronger, and centered."—Natalie

60-minute GYROKINESIS® Method classes:

Mondays, 10:30am: https://zoom.us/j/597696618

Fridays, 10:30am: https://zoom.us/j/556949877

Sundays, 10:30am: https://zoom.us/j/637871744

Saturdays, 10:30am: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84200915925
with Awakening the Senses - a gentle warm up of self-massage.

Class fee $5-20 to http://www.paypal.me/nonedwards

Private sessions available.
No classes August 21-24, 2020.

GYROKINESIS® is a registered trademark of GYROTONIC Sales Corp and is used with their permission.


MotionArt’s mission is to share the art of dance and the joy of movement with people of all ages and abilities. We strive to enrich lives by fostering creativity, body awareness, and self-expression in a fun, non-competitive, welcoming environment.


MotionArt is offering opportunities to dance during these uncertain times through our virtual classes on Zoom. Adult classes will continue, and we added a new beginning class for adults of any age who want to explore modern dance for the first time. It’s never too late to start!

Paying the regular rate helps keep our organization afloat; however, no one will be turned away for inability to pay. There is also an option to pay what you can.

Please go to http://www.motionartmn.org to sign up for classes.

Basic Beginning Modern Dance
Tuesday, 5:00-6:15pm

Intermediate Modern Dance
Wednesday, 10:30am-12:00pm

Ageless Dance
Thursday, 4:30-5:45pm

Mixed Level Modern Dance
Saturday, 4:00-5:30pm

Pam Gleason- pamgleason@msn.com, (612) 990-6019

MotionArt focuses on nurturing children’s individual creativity while facilitating their understanding of the dance elements of space, time, and energy. Children ages three through five explore these elements through playful, structured activities allowing them to expand their movement vocabulary, develop body awareness and gain self-confidence. Ages five through seven explore the dance elements while being introduced to new movement skills and the creation of their own dances. Ages seven through twelve expand their creative and kinesthetic awareness while learning basic movement skills of modern dance. No previous experience necessary.

MotionArt is offering ways for children to dance during these uncertain times through our virtual classes on Zoom.

Please go to http://www.motionartmn.org to sign up for classes. There are various options for payment/donations, and no one will be turned away for inability to pay.

Ages three through five:
Friday, 12:00-12:30pm

Ages five through seven:
Saturday, 10:00-10:45am

Ages seven through nine:
Saturday, 11:00-11:45am

Ages ten through twelve:
Friday, 3:00-4:00pm

Pam Gleason- pamgleason@msn.com, (612) 990-6019

Join our online learning community of all ages, sizes, and levels of experience to participate in the creative expression and health and fitness benefits of Middle Eastern dance. The beauty of this dance form is that it makes you feel wonderful in your own body, no matter its size or shape.

Go to http://www.cassandraschool.com to choose your classes and learn from home! Each class is one hour, conducted in US Central Time, and held through Zoom.
Classes are $15 each. Purchase four or more classes and receive a $2 discount per class.

You may register online at http://www.cassandraschool.com using PayPal or credit card. Be sure to choose, register, and PAY for your class ahead of time, as class registrations close at 8:00pm CT the night before class. The Cassandra School and Jawaahir Dance Company are not responsible for injuries sustained during classes.

Jenny Piper- genmanager@jawaahir.org, (612) 872-6050

Keep dancing in virtual classes with Ballet Co.Laboratory.

Whether you are a level student or a drop-in student at the school of Ballet Co.Laboratory, or just looking for class, check out our Community Connections and Summer 2020 pages on our website to see virtual classes available to you! Classes that are offered include: ballet classes, Pilates for dancers, yoga for dancers, and more.

Teen/adult drop-in classes: Please sign up in advance for class. $10/class or purchase a ten-class card for $90.

Maria Vitelli- info@balletcolaboratory.org, (651) 313-5967

Ballet Co.Laboratory offers the finest dance education to artists of all ages and abilities in a nurturing and welcoming environment. No matter if one is a veteran dancer or slipping on their first pair of ballet shoes to explore something new, BCL is an artistic home for everyone.

Class offerings start for those as young as two years of age, with BCL’s most senior dancer celebrating their 85th year. Our Fall 2020 programs include Young Dancers, Pre-Professional, Boys' and Mens', and Teen and Adult Programs. BCL is prepared to create virtual and in-person experiences.

Instruction at The School of Ballet Co.Laboratory is led by fourteen of the Twin Cities’ finest faculty trained in ballet, modern, contemporary, strength/conditioning, Progressing Ballet Technique, yoga, and classical jazz. In addition to dancers’ technical training, focus on the mental and physical health of each dancer is made a priority through BCL’s Beyond the Mirror program, which works to create a nurturing, safe space.

276 E Lafayette Frontage Rd, St. Paul, MN
Zoé Henrot- zhenrot@balletcolaboratory.org, (651) 313-5967

Join Alexa Lautenbach for bodyART through evolution studio. Now on zoom!

BODYART® is a holistic approach to movement that balances your endurance, strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

Grounded in Western exercise science and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the bodyART® training system is designed to help you perform at your highest physical level while staying safe and injury-free. We create a non-competitive, welcoming atmosphere in all of our experiences, where you can fully focus on yourself and your personal goals.

Class is $15.
Register now at http://wwwevolutionstudiomn.com.

Evolution Studio | 711 W Lake St, Suite 609, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Regan Saunders- regan@regansbrain.com, (612) 618-1691


Message from Alonzo King and LINES Ballet:

Dance Magazine Op-Ed: Where is Your Outrage? Where is Your Support? by Theresa Ruth Howard:

Podcast: Seeing White:

DanceMN Steering Committee- admin@dancemn.org

Join ARENA DANCES every Thursday for this weekly podcast, hosted by Artistic Director Mathew Janczewski and company dancer Joe Crook. This week’s episode features Greg Waletski.

Greg, a graduate of St. Olaf College, has been a member of the Twin Cities dance scene for over 30 years, 22 of which he was a member of Zenon Dance Company. His most recent projects have been dances by Megan Mayer, including (FW) Redux which has been interrupted by Covid. In 2013, Greg began a career transition to American Sign Language/English Interpreting. He was awarded McKnight Fellowships for Dance in 2000 and 2013, and a SAGE Award for outstanding performer in 2011. He is also a DJ, spinning soul 45s at the monthly dance night, Hipshaker.

Studio Stories will air each Thursday at noon with new guests joining the hosts to reminisce and share their memories and history with our dance scene.

Visit http://www.arena-dances.org to listen, or check it out wherever you get your podcasts!



July 22, 2020 was peaceful. Kathie is remembered for her incredible, faithfully long time support of dance in Minnesota and beyond, including Meredith Monk's The House, to individuals and companies regardless of their size, and to institutions, embodied in the centerpiece Goodale Theater named for her and her husband Bob Goodale, at the Cowles Center in downtown Minneapolis.

Kathie danced with Loyce Houlton's Contemporary Dance Playhouse and in works by Sally Rousse and many others, as well as in her own works. She taught for the MN Dance Theater and for Bonnie Mathis and Marcia Chapman’s Ballet Arts MN; participated on boards including Link Vostok and Ballet Arts; wrote five books including "Pas de Trois: Fun with Ballet Words" and "Cook UP A Dance" illustrated by her daughter Kit.

A memorial will be announced later.

Judith Brin Ingber- judith@jbriningber.com